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Birthday/age: 4 yrs

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Female

Weight: 55 lbs 

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Great

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good, lived with one

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Good

Fetch: Unknown

Swimming: Loves it

Hi Friends,

My name is Abbey girl and I am 4 years old. My family is experiencing changes in their lives so they are finding it difficult to care for me.

When I was a puppy I broke my shoulder while out with my dog walker, and by the time my parents noticed my limping and the x-rays confirmed it was in fact a broken shoulder, I had already started healing but not fully the way it was supposed to. Therefore, I am arthritic in that shoulder but it does not prevent me from playing, and living life to the fullest. I have no mobility issues but if I play rough or have a big day running around I may limp the next day. 

I have full run of the house, and will easily curl up on my bed during the day when my humans are at work. Although I am not supposed to be on the furniture I do find it quite comfy, and will get super excited if you invite me up to lay with you.

I really enjoy going for walks. I do pull for the first few minutes but settle nicely after a short time. I walk well on both a harness or flat collar. Off leash I am working on my skills. For the most part I am pretty good but will run over to a dog if I see one that wants to play with me.

I am fantastic with people of all ages, and don't need anytime warming up to new faces. I am used to living with two very young children, and enjoyed the attention they gave me. I have also lived with senior cats, and have been respectful to them. This means I don't chase them but will gladly play if they initiate it.

My humans say I travel really well especially if there is a dog bed in the car for me to snuggle up on. I have been to the cottage multiple times with no issues. 

I love squeaky toys and stuffies. I do this thing where I suck on it for comfort...I also enjoy tug of war, swimming, and fetch!

and last by not least...meal time. I have no issues gobbling my food that's for sure. I am gentle taking treats as long as you remind me with the command "easy".

Well folks, that is all for now.

Love, Abbey

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