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We have enjoyed Abigail (Maya), she is a pleasure to have in our home.  She is very well behaved and loves people of all shapes, sizes and age.  She loves attention and having her tummy rubbed but is also quite content to some quiet time if her own.  She is playful and her large pink piggy is her favourite toy but she also likes her squeaky tennis ball.  
Maya is a bit of a fussy eater but now that we have discovered a kibble that she likes, she readily eats when fed twice a day.  She does not beg and is patient when waiting to be fed.  No problems when removing food or treats from her.  She enjoys a variety of treats now and then.
Maya truly enjoys her walks (three a day) and is a great walker on leash—until she encounters another dog for the first time—she barks, tail wagging and pulls to go socialize with her new friend.  We have discovered that in all circumstances she is very friendly once she has inspected the other dog and will even want to play with them.  We think it’s important to stress that The barking and pulling only happens when she meets a dog for the first time.  When Maya encounters a dog she has already met she does not bark and will wag her tail and wants to go play with her friend.  She otherwise rarely barks.
She is indifferent to cats and ignores squirrels altogether. 
Maya loves her daily walks x3 and we have noticed an increase in her endurance, pace and distance during walks and she appears to have become more fit and
She sleeps through the night, either next to our bed or on her favourite small couch In the front room.  She is allowed full access to the house.
She shows no fear of thunder, vacuums or lawn mowers and will even follow us along as we vacuum or mow the lawn.
Even after her long and tiring journey from Quebec to get to us, Abigail/Maya is always delighted to go for car/truck rides.  She rides well and is very relaxed no matter the distance.
Although we’ve not had the opportunity to take her for a swim, we have discovered that she is not too thrilled with having a bath.
For a senior she is very playful and energetic and shows no hint of tiring when playing with our neighbour’s 2year old Husky.  We have a two story home and she goes up and down the stairs without difficulty.
This chocolate lab is a real beauty and a joy to have around.  Any family would be happy to have her as part of their family.🐶💕
Abigail/Maya’s Foster Family



Birthday/Age: 9 yrs.

Colour: Chocolate.

Gender: Female.

Weight: 84 lbs.

Energy Level: Average.

Children: Great.

Dogs: Okay.

Cats: Fine.

House Skills: Good.

Leash Skills: Fantastic walker with a harness.

Car: Great. 

Fetch: Likes it.

Swimming: Unknown, would like to try.

Hi Friends,

My name is Abigail aka Abby girl. Despite travelling quite a ways to get here from Quebec I adapt to new environments with ease and am enjoying my foster mom and dads cozy home. 

I am approximately 9 yrs old and my foster mom describes me as super gentle, loving and sweet. I am good in the house, and have full access . I have to say I am really enjoying snuggling up on the couch. My foster mom says I snore like a little pig. I don't bark all that much nor do I jump up on people to say hi. I sleep peacefully all night and will ask to be let out when needed. 

I LOVE to go for walkies and walk FANTASTIC on a harness. I will pull on a flat collar so a harness works best for me. I haven't been off leash yet so I don't know if I would wonder to see new friends but because I like to be close to my people I may stay close.

When I went to the vet I did encounter three little kitty cats that I just ignored so I may be fine with living with one.

With dogs right now I am indifferent. I don't think I got a lot of experience meeting new canine friends so I will need proper socialization with my new family. In saying that I have met a dachshund friend that I was totally fine with. I will bark and pull to see a dog on leash but am easily corrected.

With kids I am gentle and sweet. 

I like toys pink piggy is my favourite. I will throw it up in the air and make everyone laugh with my playfulness. I also like squeaky ball. I haven't been swimming yet but I sure would like to try. Afterall, I am a lab and most of us like the water.

All in all, I am a girl with a lot of love to give. Do you think I would be a good match for your family?

Love, Abigail.

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