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79 lbs

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More About Me!

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Quiet, gentle boy looking for a compassionate family to help him shine

Andy here!  I’ve really hit the jackpot since coming to Lab Rescue. My foster family is so amazing to me and my skin is feeing better already. I can’t wait for my gorgeous coat to grow in. 

I don’t like to dwell on the past, but I think it will provide some context to my current state. I spent a long time living in a quiet setting without little exposure to the world around me.  The conditions were horrible and my skin condition deteriorated. Thank goodness for Lan Rescue as I have now left that all behind and my skin is healing and I am feeling better already.  

Leash walks are new to me and the many noises of a busy city takes me time to adjust but I am told I am doing well.

Playing in my fenced backyard brings out a whole different side to my personality. I feel safe to allow myself to have fun and just be a dog.   

I’m making progress everyday and look forward to meeting my new family who will understand my journey and help continue my training. I really love when my foster lays beside me and whispers sweet nothings to me. It makes me feel so special and a good scratch is always appreciated. I might like a mature, well-rounded dog in my home but mainly, a family who will dedicate time and patience to  help me build confidence is all I could dream of. 

Stay tuned as I learn more about this giant world!

Love Andy

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