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Active, adventurous, outgoing

My name's Bluey and I'm a 6-year-old boy looking for an outdoorsy family with expert belly rubbing skills!

My house skills are top notch and I love to snuggle up with you at night. My favourite game is fetch. I will go until your arm is tired. On land or in water, I'm simply the best at it!  I also like going on peaceful trail walks where I can really take in all the glorious smells.

My friends list is kinda small as I don't get a lot of opportunities for playdates. Once I settle into my new home, it would be nice to meet well-known friendly dogs. I'm friendly and more submissive with other dogs, just haven't met many. I do know that cats wouldn't like me as a roommate. For some reason they don't enjoy being chased. Oh well, I'm more of a people dog anyways.

My picture perfect dream home would be in a quiet setting where I can enjoy long nature walks, swimming and lots of fetch on the property. I would like someone to help me perfect some skills but mostly I want to have that comfy place to rest my head after all the fun we will have. Oh did I mention, I LOVE car rides too?  I bet I would be a fabulous cottage dog!

Love Bluey

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