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8 1/2 years

Nov 20, 2015




76 lbs approximately

Good with:

Children 8+, Dogs, Cats



More About Me!

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“They say, they say, Brandi, you’re a fine Dog. What a good girl you must be!” - you may not have heard my theme song, it’s an oldie (by Looking Glass) but it’s my jam.

Hi Friends!

Brandi here! I am 8 and a bit years old and I’m gearing up for the summer Pup Olympics in the “swan dive” category! My technique for diving into the pool for that ball

is sure to win me a lot of cookies!

During the “off season” I enjoy time with other dogs. Big or small I get along with them all and even shared my home with a little one who I let be the boss. We share everything together with no problem at all.

I’ve spent time with the wee grandkids and I’m super gentle with them, even the babies. I like respectful kiddos who won’t lay all over me but don’t get me wrong, I love a good cuddle session any day of the week!

I'm sure I know “the basics” and would enjoy a refresher course to sharpen some leash skills. I’m a sucker for anything that smells yummy so I bet I’d be a quick study.

I love going for walks, playing fetch, obviously swimming and making snow angels in the winter. All in all, I guess you could say I’m an outdoorsy girl who loves everyone. I’m great in the car and would make a super cottage companion or the life of your pool party.

If I sound like your match, contact Lab Rescue and let’s make our summer plans!!

Love Brandi

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