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2.5 yrs

July 31, 2021




70 lbs approximately

Good with:



More About Me!

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Calling all expert belly rubbers!!

Do you have those magic hands?  I’d be happy to put them to the test!  I’m Coco by the way.  I have a birthday coming in a couple months and I will be three years old!  I hope my new family finds me soon so we can start planning my pawty!!

I love to be out on my walks, playing in the yard and then snuggling on the couch with my human for nap time. I already know sit and lay down but I’s love to go to that “treat school”where they teach new words and help with leash skills. Word on the street is “treat school” is a great place to make new friends and build my bond with my new people. 

Speaking of friends, I’ve met dogs on my walks and was curious and friendly but I haven’t had a play date with anyone where we can really run and play. I’ve met a cat and learned quickly they don’t want to be chased which is a shame because it’s so much fun!

What else?? Oh I’m good on car rides and I can’t wait to try swimming this summer. I’ve been strolling on the Amazon for my perfect bikini!

I have to run but before I go, I’m looking for a mature family who enjoys getting their steps in and then binge watching our fav TV show after all the fun. Preference will be given to those who possess the best belly rubbing hands!!

Love Coco

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