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Children 12+


More About Me!

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Your gal Frankie here!  I'm a 4-year-old girl looking for that special someone to call my own.

I'm super athletic and a champion at fetch!  I love to swim and I love my "treasures", or dog toys as you humans call them.

I know my basics and even some tricks like shake a paw and "where's your tail?". That one always stumps me, I can never catch that silly tail but I'll always try if you ask! I'm happy to learn more too. I bet I'd pick up anything you set your heart to teach me.

I'm well mannered in the house and will cuddle up for a nap after a long walk.  Hikes are my favourite since I like the solitude of trotting along with my person.  I could use some help fine tuning my leash skills and I love food so you bring the treats and I'll bring the in motivation to learn!

I'd like to be an only furchild in my new home and I know this sounds like a lot to ask but an adult home as well.  See, my experience with children is limited and I really am used to a quiet home with my person to hang with. I'm a great road trip partner and happy to accompany you on any excursion.

My ideal new family would be low key as far as a social life goes but love to be outdoorsy, hiking and playing with me. I might like someone who jogs but mainly they have to know how to operate a chuck-it and have the space for me to run and play safely. Oh, and of course, they need to have a comfy spot on the couch next to them for a Netflix binge and cuddle session! My loyalty and fun nature is a perfect match for someone looking to make me the apple of their eye.

Love Frankie

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