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Gunner & Dixie

Gunner & Dixie


10 yrs


Male, Female


85 lbs

Good with:

Dogs, Cats, Children 12+



More About Me!

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Dixie and Gunnar here!

We’re a 10 year old bonded Lab duo.  We’ve spent our whole lives together and some might refer to us as a married couple, as opposed to siblings. We’re so thankful our friends at Lab Rescue understand this, and will find us a family who will keep us together. 

Gunner is an happy-go-lucky goofball but also has a cuddly side to him. He’s outgoing, and loves to play fetch and is a real outdoorsy type of guy. I, Dixie, am sweet as pie, relaxed, and happy to watch from the sidelines and soak up the sun or cuddle on the couch. You get the best of both worlds with us!

We’re accustomed to the country life where we have lots of space to roam but we have also lived in more of a town setting too.  At night, we snuggle up together for a snooze on one bed, even though we each have our own, we would rather be close. We would love our very own spot on the couch to snuggle up for tv time too. 

We’re super friendly and excited to meet new people. We have our very own choreographed happy dance to welcome visitors before we settle in for all the cuddles. 

We’re fantastic with the kiddos who come to visit. We just love the energy they bring and appreciate their respectful nature. We’re good with other dogs, although we don’t play with them often, we’ve had friends visit and played well together. We’ve been around cats and many other types of animals and don’t really bother with them outside however there’s no place for a squirrel in our yard. Those pesky guys will be promptly escorted away!  

We’re good in the car and hop right in and settle for the drive. We would probably make really good cottagers too and swimming would be so fun to try!

As you can see, you’re getting a fantastic package with the two of us. Although we are seniors, we still have good mobility and energy for our new family to make lots of fun memories together.  Do you have room in your heart and home for a bonded pair like us?

Love Dixie and Gunner

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