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6 months

Aug 2/23




44 lbs

Good with:




More About Me!

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Foster Update: Hope is a sweet, affectionate girl who loves to give kisses to her foster doggies, loves belly rubs and cuddles - she's a real snugglebug. She's learning all kinds of things, and has mastered sit, lie down and all the stairs in the home. She loves strutting her stuff on her walks, and does quite well on leash! She just loves to play!

Hi Friends,

Hope here! I having a blast in my foster home with two older doggos to show me the ropes. I wear this fancy harness thing and you should see me strut my stuff out there! I walk quite well and am learning lots out there with my foster guiding me and positive reinforcement. Just imagine all the things I could learn if we went to puppy school, we would graduate top of the class!!

I'm super happy to meet anyone we pass on our walks and I mean anyone, from dogs to humans, I show off my good manners and soak in all the love.

I'm pretty chill in the house and go with the flow. I like to play with my toys and boy do I ever have lots of toys! Oh and of course, naptime! With all the playing and walking and learning, I crash pretty hard for a good nap. I sleep through the night and know how to tell my peeps when I have to potty.

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