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Jasper & Wallace

Jasper & Wallace


7 yrs (Jasper) / 5 yrs (Wallace Lab)




Jasper 63 lb / Wallace 65 lb

Good with:

Dogs, Children 16+



More About Me!

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“We’re the two best friends that anyone could have, oh yes, the best two friends that anyone could have”

Jasper here! I’m the most handsome golden retriever and probably the smartest too! My pal Wallace is my best bud. We play like siblings even though he’s younger and a black Lab. We’re very bonded but not in a desperate sort of way.

We’re both awesome in the house even if alone for short periods. We like to watch out the window as the world passes by. Our neighbourhood watch program is on point but don’t worry we’re peaceful observers. At night we sleep on our own bed close to our people or even on the sacred Big Bed if we’re allowed.

We play hard and we love hard, meaning our toys need to be strong and indestructible, and our people must love unsolicited affection. We make the best fur blankets and can’t get enough belly scratches an ear scratches.

“Hey!” (Shuffle, shuffle) “what? Wait! Wallace is pushing his way in to say hi!”   Wallace here!  Did Jasper tell you how much we love to play fetch?? I think I might be better at it, I sure am fast! We love long walks and hiking even more!  A nice stroll through nature with all the smells is sure to end in glorious nap when we get home.  We’re very manageable on leash, after all we’re both on the smaller side but we’re also pretty darn good off leash too! We love our people so much we don’t stray too far – we know who has the best treats!

Speaking of treats, we’ll do anything for one and take them oh so gently.  We know some basics and I bet we can dazzle our new family with just a little bit of time and practice to learn anything they want to teach us. Jasper already wins everyone’s attention on walks when he carries his own leash in his mouth and prances like a show dog – he’s such a ham!

We’re excited to meet new people and take no time at all to warm up. We’ve even lived with school-aged kiddos and were great with them, though a tidy home is best so we don’t taste test the wrong toys. We would be well suited for respectful grandkids visiting too.

We come as a dynamic duo and really are a one-stop shop!  We’re the type to keep you in shape and entertained but also cuddle up with you for movie night. Oh and one more thing!  We love car rides!  We settle in with no problem, taking the time to recharge for a new adventure. We’re petite boys any don’t take up much space so be sure to bring us along to the cottage or any fun adventure.

“Wallace, the fosters are bringing out our leashes, we gotta go!”

Bye for now,

Jasper and Wallace

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