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4 yrs

November 27, 2019




65 lbs approx.

Good with:

Dogs, Children 12+



More About Me!

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Jet here!

I’m a lover of all people and in search of a new home with a backyard where I can romp and enjoy the sunshine.

My house manners are superb and I don’t even go on the couch — though it might be nice to have a comfy spot beside you. I’m quiet and sleep the night away beside my people on my bed. I’ve known my basics since puppy school but I’ll never shy away from learning more when it involves treats!  My favourites are strawberries and blueberries but of course, I’m a Lab so really anything goes when it comes to food.

I love a game of tug of war or fetch. My most favourite toys are my stuffed duck and my stuffed toy shoe. I enjoy two good walks a day and my leash skills are decent. I pull at first in excitement on a flat collar. I bet one of those fancy harness thingys and some guidance will really help. Of course, a consistent exercise routine goes a long at too.

My new family will be mature, over 16 years of age. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be okay with younger visitors once I get settled, just that I have limited exposure so far. I’d like to be the only fur kid but I’m open to making canine friends for play dates in the future. I haven’t tried swimming yet and I hear us Labs are really good at it. I bet fetch in the water would be a hoot!

As you can see, I’m looking for a low key life style with moderate exercise and enrichment in my day. A comfy spot to lay my head at night and someone who isn’t gone long hours is all a sweet boy like me could dream of.

Love Jet

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