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4 yrs

November 13, 2019




83 lbs approximately

Good with:

Dogs, Children 16+



More About Me!

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Jett here!

If you’re looking for a sidekick to supervise your social calendar, keep you warm at night and whisper sweet nothings your ear, then I’m your man!  I lay on the charm with everyone I meet so you know I’ll steal your heart immediately. Don’t let my sugar coated chin fool you, I’m only 4 years old and ready for fun and adventure.

I know my basics and I even speak!  How many dogs do you know that can say I love you??? Well, I can with three quick barks. I even sleep in bed with my head on the pillow like a human!   I love a game of tug of war and I’m ready for a Netflix binge at a moment’s notice.

I love the outdoors and tagging along for errands. I do truck rides like a pro!  My current exercise routine leaves much to be desired due to my owner’s health. I would really like to go for regular walks everyday in addition to playing in the yard.

I have regular play dates with some canines of the female persuasion and we have a blast. I’d like to make more canine friends with my new family too. Perhaps they already know some friendly ones they can introduce me to since so haven’t met many outside my small circle. I haven’t met a cat yet so not sure how that would go.

I’m accustomed to an adult home. I could be a candidate to live with older, dog savvy children, I just haven’t spent time with children before to know how I would be. Supervised visits with grandchildren could be okay. I’m a happy go lucky boy, kind natured and well-mannered.

My charming personality would be a fit for many families  but I’m eager for a family to give me an active lifestyle to let my inner social butterfly fly free.  If you're my match, contact my new friends at Lab Rescue today!

Love Jett

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