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4 yrs

August 20, 2020




Good with:


More About Me!

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Hi Friends!

Johnny here!  I’m a happy go lucky kind of guy who loves everyone I meet and becomes instant best friends forever!  I’m happy to be included in anything you want to do.

My house manners are top notch. I don’t even go on the furniture or get into thin when I’m alone… and my time alone has been longer lately.  I, like all dogs, would enjoy a regular exercise routine and a family who has more time to dedicate to me. I’m not needy and in fact I’m so quiet, you barely know I’m there waiting for an ear scratch or a crumb to hit the floor.

I’ve lived with children and I’m great with them. Respectful ones that don’t climb all over me would be appreciated and I don’t have any problems sharing my toys or licking sticky fingers clean!

I’m a fantastic road trip buddy! I got in the car almost daily and enjoy taking the time to nap on the longer trips.

My friends list isn’t super long but I’m polite meeting other dogs on walks and I’ve enjoyed some great romps off leash with other dogs too.  I’d like to make some new friends in my new neighborhood. I haven’t met one of those cat creatures so I’ll pass on living with one for now.

My needs are quite simple and I don’t ask for much. I would like a family to help me shed a few pounds with proper diet and a gradual increase in my exercise. I’m sure my leash skills will come along with regular practise and some tasty treats.  Did I mention I’d do just about anything for treat??   - even the low calorie ones will due. An added bonus would be a spot to swim since I LOVE it so much and I’m sure I could get used to a comfy spot on the couch, close enough for you to give me all the belly rubs and ear scratches a good boy like me so deserves.

If you’re my match, reach out and let’s plan a date!



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