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1.5 yrs





Good with:

Children 10+, Dogs



More About Me!

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Hi friends!

Joy here! I’ve never met a human who didn’t become my BFF right away. I have this charisma and charm about me that wins everyone’s heart and my happy bubbly personality is just so fun to have around. Oh and I’m also petite which means I can fit nicely beside you on the couch for cuddle time.

Other dogs love me just as much and we get along famously. In fact, I have a senior boy in my foster home and I enjoy his company and snuggles.

I’m good on the leash and already know some basic skills and of course with a yummy treat I’m happy to learn anything you want to teach me. I’d love to have pay dates with new dawgy friends at my new home.  I have haven’t had the chance to play with many children however, they seem like a lot of fun. Older, dog savvy ones might be a good fit for me.

Thanks to my friends at Lab Rescue and their expert dawgy doctor. My knee is feeling so much better. I had surgery to fix this thing called a luxating patella and I’m recovering beautifully. I will need a few more weeks of exercise on the leash and continue my exercises at home. Don’t worry they’re super easy and my amazing foster mum can show you how it’s done.  I can’t wait to be up and running in no time.

I’m accustomed to having someone home often though I can adjust to short periods alone as well.  I’m looking for that special someone to help me get through this short period of recovery so we can have lots of fun together. Do you need a BFF?  Come meet me!

Love Joy

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