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2.5 yrs




70 lbs approximately

Good with:

Dogs, Children



More About Me!

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I'm handsome as can be!  Come play with me...

Kobe here! I'm a two year old boy with a solid, handsome Lab look and a stunning personality. I'm a warm welcome home greeting you at the door with my favourite toy.

Low key and chill in the house, you'll find me napping on the couch or sneaking in the big bed at night for cuddles but I kick into gear when it's time for a while walk or a spirited game of fetch. I may not al aus do the retrieving part of th fetch game and instead turn it into a game of chase.  I have to keep my humans in shape, after all!

I know my basic words and even a special trick we call "Spin" where I twirl around waiting for that yummy treat to drop.  I'm very excited when it's finally time to go for a walk and I can be strong on leash taking in all the smells.  I hope my new family can work on this with me. My Lab Rescue friends have a harness thingy and training style that has helped lots of doggos and they can tell my new family all about it.

Children are loads of fun and I'm very good with them. Sometimes in my excitement I jump up for hugs and may accidentally knock a wee one over. I've lived with children as young as 8-11 years old so maybe it's a good idea to stick with that age range.

I'm typically more submissive with other dogs and get along very well with them at the park.  I haven't lived with one and I haven't met a cat so that would be new to me.

Car rides are always a great time for me.  I love you hang my head out the window or catch up on me zzz's.  I haven't tried swimming yet but there's lots a of Summer left for that with my new family.

My perfect family will have larg dog experience and be willing to invest time in sharpening my leash skills.  They will provide lots of time for exercise and mental engagement and of course dedicated time to cuddle!!  I'm an awesome mix of a gym workout followed by a Netflix binge with my people. Now, I just need to find my perfect people!

Message me and let's meet!



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