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6 years old

January 17, 2018




60 lbs

Good with:



More About Me!

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Petite and super sweet!!

Hi Friends! Marley here. Have you ever heard that great things come in small packages?? Well, I’m living proof of just that!

Being a super loyal and people pleasing gal, I’m happy to supervise your chores without getting in the way or I’ll snuggle up at your feet while you work on the computer. My house manners are top notch and I rarely make a sound. I ask politely for affection by placing my paw on your leg to remind you I’m there.

I get along very well with the other dog in my foster home. I’m happy to play but I’m not dependent on having another dog in my home. My main desire is you. I’d be best suited for a cat-free home since they don’t enjoy my enthusiasm to chase. I have such a sweet and gentle personality that I may be a candidate to live with dog savvy children too.

I love my walks where I can take in all the smells in stride. I’m learning some basics and I’m told I do the best “sad puppy dog face” that makes extra treats just land in my lap. Don’t tell anyone but it’s all an act. I’m actually a super happy girl.

I’d be a wonderful addition to any Lab loving family who has a comfy spot on the couch and time to help me fine tune some skills. Canine playmates or even roommates would be fun but more importantly, someone who is home often and has endless love to give, is all I could really ask for.

I have so many new dog toys and really need some help choosing my favourite one. Can you help me?

Love Marley

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