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Remi and Trigger

Remi and Trigger


5 yrs/6.9 yrs

August 28, 2017 and May 21, 2019




73.9 lbs approximately and 46.2 lbs approximately

Good with:

Children 12+



More About Me!

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Hi, I’m Trigger and I’m going to speak for the both of us. My pal Remi and I are coming to Lab Rescue because our family is not well.

A little bit about us…we’re both very cuddly and affectionate dogs that love to be with people. If one is getting attention, the other likes to squeeze in for some extra special cuddles.  Speaking of cuddle time, we enjoy a good cuddle on the couch with our people and hoping that our new place has room on the couch for us too!

Now let’s talk about the game of fetch!  We will bring the ball back, which I understand some of our lab peers do not, but we may not drop it. We will at least come dancing back with the ball.

Sadly, neither of us have had the opportunity to swim, but we sure would like to. I travel fine in the car. Remi needs a little bit more work as we don’t get out much. 

We are used to hanging out with children as we’ve grown up with them, we are bouncy and fun, so we may knock over the little ones but it’s not intentional! Kids might not be the best for us at this time.

We used to live on a rural property and quite liked it as were have been there since we were puppies. We have recently moved into town and it’s a bit noisy for us but we’re getting used to it. We are just taking some time to adjust to the noises we hear, and being on this thing called a leash. We used to have the freedom to roam and enjoy life on the property but not so much now. We have limited backyard play with very little walking so our skills are not top-notch.l, but we can try to get there! If I could brag a bit, I hear we’re both pretty smart and ready and willing to learn, do you have the time to teach us?

We are truly good boys, cuddly, and affectionate, love people and look forward to meeting our new family soon. Is that you? If so, apply today. 

Trigger and Remi

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