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2 years




65 lbs

Good with:

Dogs, Children 16+



More About Me!

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Contact us at for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab

Taylor here! I'm told I have eyes that could melt anyone's heart!

I’m thriving in my foster home and have learned so much, especially with the help of those yummy treats!  My eye contact is terrific and I enjoy learning all sorts of wonderful words, come, stay, easy, touch hand, walk, car and I cant wait to learn more!

I love when my fosters talk to me and tell me stories, my bum wiggles non-stop! And there's nothing like those soothing belly rubs, I'm always up for one of those!

I'm new to these dog toys, but I must say, they are pretty cool and I would love a whole basketful!

My favourite activity is hiking on the trails where its a nice, calm and quiet environment.  I am confident out there and like to lead the pack! I find the trails so relaxing, and enjoy taking in all the smells out there! I hope my new family will hike with me regularly.

I'm looking for a family that will enjoy snuggles on the couch, hopefully a fur sibling in the home and lots of relaxing time on the trails.

Love Taylor

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