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Wiser & Digger

Wiser & Digger


9 years old

May 30. 2015




75-80 lbs approximately

Good with:

Children 8+, Dogs



More About Me!

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Don’t let our age fool you, we’re up for anything!


I’m Digger and this is my brother Wiser. We’re 9 years old and in great shape!! We love hiking and trail walks and swimming any chance we get. Everyday is a new adventure and we live it to the fullest. 

We make a fantastic welcoming committee; enthusiastic to meet everyone with our whole body wagging. We have tons of canine friends of all shapes and sizes who we play with all the time and even help them with their training too. 

We haven’t met a cat but we’ve been taught to keep the peace with the resident chickens and ducks who live outside. 

Our experience with children is mainly with the bigger ones as we may knock a wee one over unintentionally. We share our toys with everyone and have no sensitivities around food or loud noises. 

We’ve had lots of training and know all our commands and then some. We stay close when off leash and can even pass another dog off leash without a second glance when we are told to “leave it”. We don’t spend much time on leash since we have a country life but we have lived in a regular neighborhood. I’m sure a refresher course is all we need to remember how the leash thing works. 

We like car rides and just settle in the back. Oh wait! Wiser wants to make sure I tell you how much we LOVE playing BALL!!  The bouncier, the better and we bring it right back. We even know “find it” which means we find whatever you’re looking for but mostly it always leads us to a ball!  I’ve heard they even make balls that squeak- I bet that would be double the fun!

If you’re looking for a pair of easy-going boys who can keep up with an active lifestyle but also enjoy some quiet time, then look no further! Let’s meet and plan our next adventure. 

Love Digger and Wiser

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