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7 Years

October 03, 2016




63 lbs

Good with:



More About Me!

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Looking for a canine buddy and a family to love me

Hi there!

My name is Zeni and I’m a seven-year-old girl sweet as can be.  Have one big wish for my forever family and that is to have another canine buddy in my home. I know, I know a lot of dogs like to be the centre of attention but some of us Labs actually feel like their best with a buddy, and I’m one of those Labs. 

I’m a quiet houseguest, and only ask for a soft spot to lay my head. I enjoy romping in a fenced yard, and would love to learn more about this leash thing.  I heard of this fancy dog expert, who can come to the house and teach us dogs how to speak human and in exchange, we get some yummy treats!  I bet that would be fun. 

I need a compassionate family who will go at my pace to learn about the big world and having a fellow canine to show me the ropes would be perfect too. I’m best suited for a mature home. I’m not sure about cats but I do know for sure a well rounded mature dog in my home would be fantastic. I have so much love to give and just need a chance to shine.

Love Zeni

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