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Birthday/age:  2 yrs

Gender: Female/Male

Weight: 60 lb

Energy Level: Moderate


Dogs:  Good


Car: Good

Swimming: Would love to try!

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Contact us at for questions.


Allie & Artie

Hi everybody, we’re Artie & Allie!


I’m Artie, the sweetest, cuddliest, most adorable dog you would ever want to meet …. that sounds pretty good to me!


I do love my walks, I just need a little help with my focus and how to be more “gentlemanly” on my walks… I see the neighbourhood dogs sporting these no-pull harnesses … I think that would be perfect for me!  


Do you need a mattress tester? I’m very good at testing all the beds in the house! After all its my job to make sure we are getting the best, most comfortable sleep possible when we cuddle!


I’m very well-mannered in the house and am an excellent listener. I don’t beg at the table when you’re eating, but if you wanted to sneak a little something to me, I would never say no! I’m not a huge toy lover, but I like a good bully stick to chew on!

Allie is here chirping in my ear saying it’s her turn to talk!


Hi there, I’m Allie! I’ve been told I’m a super smart, loving gal! I love to lean against your leg and enjoy those pets. And what gal doesn’t like a good massage?!


I’m learning new things every day and my foster says I’m making progress and my listening skills are slowly improving. I’m hoping my new family can give me the guidance and structure I need to help me gain confidence and teach me how to be “lady like” when I meet new dogs and people.  


I love hanging out on my back deck and sunbathing, after all what girl doesn’t like to have a good tan?!


I’m a real sweet gal who loves to be loved on and just needs a family with patience to show me the way!


And wait till you see the greeting Artie and I have when you walk through that door, there’s nothing like it, we like to do this goofy dance, get your phones out, its priceless!!

Artie and I are very loving and just looking for a family that will give us the love and guidance we need to build our confidence and succeed, and to bring out the best in us!!


We’ve had a lot of change in our lives and hope our new family will be understanding. We are looking forward to finding our furever home that will give us the love, guidance and structure to help us bring out our true personalities!!

What are you waiting for, let's meet!

Love Allie & Artie

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