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Birthday/age: 6 yrs

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Female

Weight: 80 lbs (a bit overweight)

Energy Level: High

Children: Good

Dogs: Fine

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Great

Leash Skills: Pulls and will need further guidance

Car: Good

Fetch: Unknown

Swimming: Would love to try

Hi Friends,

My name is Apple and boy do I ever suit my name since I seem to be the apple of everyone's eye. I am 6 yrs old and new to lab rescue. This is what my foster mom has to say about me so far...

Such a sweet young lady who for the most part is being a very good house-guest.

She is solid on her basic commands; sit, stay, down and paw. I have not taken her for a walk for obvious reasons but I suspect she is a puller as she becomes very animated when she sees a leash so am assuming it is a favorite activity of hers.


She eats and drinks like a lady, takes her time and savors every bite. She also has a very particular palate, don't try to give her a treat for halitosis, she will have none of that. 


She does not exercise her vocal chords unless she needs to let me know "hey did you hear that, it's the doorbell are you going to get it, I'm sure who ever is on the other side is here to see me". 


Apple is very affectionate and wants to be wherever you are. When she looks at you with those big brown eyes that have a light brown eyeliner contour, is very hard to deny her anything. 


Her guilty pleasure is a fitted sheet, she has lots of toys to choose from and really has no interest. She doesn't like dog beds. I felt bad so I took a few bed sheets and created a little nest for her to sleep in, who knew it would turn into her favorite toy. She is not a destroyer very respectful of her surroundings.


She is a very young 6 year old who wants to live life to the fullest nothing will keep her down as her very active sniffer will lead her to great adventures in the future I am sure. 

That is all for now!

Love, foster mom & apple

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Apple at her core is Sweet, Quirky, Courageous, Gentle, Loving and Curious! She reminds me alot of Abbey and you all know how much I loved Abbey. 


She is the craziest between 4 and 6pm and I mean cracra, a sweet angel all day and then the devil in her comes out, thank God it's only 2 hours a day and we have trazadone. 


She still thinks that a fitted sheet is the best toy over. 


She has learned you catch more bees with honey and has adopted a gentler approach to getting close to Zeppelin. 


She is also a quick study, she knows when you come in from outside you sit by the door in case paws need to be dried, she also knows that pea gravel is exactly for that and breakfast / dinner only gets served when one is sitting. 


She rocked the transitioning to a new food like a champ and is quickly learning proper leash behaviour thanks to the tips from Stuart. 


We are still working on redirecting her humping couch cushions to a more appropriate item, a hump back whale of course, picture attached, she may have to take that one to her new home. 


Every night it's a race between Mike and Apple to a specific side of the couch, if Apple loses she will stare at him with those doe eyes until Mike relinquishes this coveted spot, there is no denying her, she is so flippin' cute. 


Who ever adopts Apple is getting a very special dog. 


Fingers and paws are crossed here hoping that tomorrow goes well, sending her to bed early so she gets her beauty sleep and is ready to put on the show of her life. 


Foster momma and Zeppelin.