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Birthday/age:  10 mths

Colour: Black

Gender: Male

Weight: 119 lbs

Energy Level: Average

Children: 12+

Dogs: unknown 

Cats: unknown

House Skills: good

Car: good

Swimming: would love to try!

Asher Here!


I’m fairly new to Lab Rescue and still learning about myself, but I have these amazing foster parents who are making sure I meet lots of new and interesting people. We even host tea parties and people bring cookies (dog cookies, of course!)  


They think I am very clever and I have so much potential. I'm a pretty quiet guy. I love being close to people, it is my duty to know where and what they are doing at all times, after all I don’t want to miss out on anything!


I'm not quite a year-old yet and am learning tons of new things at lightning speed, including basic commands and that leash thingy. I heard about this special place called doggie school where I can go and show you all that potential I’m told I have … I think that would be a fantastic place for us to go and learn and to bond. I’m gonna pass with flying colours, I just know it!


I'm learning how to play fetch, and a tennis ball is my fave! I would love to try swimming one day. I mean I am a Lab, so I know I would be amazing at it!


My perfect family will have experience with large dogs. See I’m a rather big boy at over 100 lb and I'm strong, so they need to be confident and sturdy on their feet. They will have time to dedicate to my training and socialization, and it's important for us have a regular exercise routine.  I would like everyone in my household to be 12 years or older as my experience with the wee kiddos is limited and I can be a bit of a “bull in a china shop” with my size!  


I enjoy cuddling on the couch after a day of fun and will do just about anything for a treat...that sounds like a pretty amazing combination if you ask me. Did I mention, I'm stunningly handsome too?

Love Asher


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