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Hi everybody, Ayden here!

I am doing great in my foster home, and am learning so much!


I really love going for walks. There's so many sniffs out there! And I hear I'm pretty good on my leash too!


I'm a polite boy in the house and just like to hang out with the humans, and if you want to reach over and give me an ear or belly scratch I will never say no that! 

I'm learning all about dog toys, boy there sure are lots of them out there, I'm sure having fun testing them all out!

I've really mastered this "snuggle" thing! I'm always up for one of those ... couch snuggles, bed snuggles or random snuggles ... i'm there for it all!

I'm great at keeping you warm in bed on these chilly nights! And I'm a hugger too ... I lean into your neck and put my head on your shoulder! Don't worry I will show you how it works!!

If you're up for lots of snuggles and hugs, message me!​

Love Ayden


Birthday/age:  2 yrs

Gender: Male

Weight: 67 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate


Dogs:  Good


Car: Good

Swimming: Would love to try!

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Contact us at for questions.


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