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All you need is love and a Lab...


Birthday/age: 9 yrs (approximately)

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Male

Weight: 100 lbs

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good, lived with one

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good on and off leash

Car: Rides well

Fetch: No thanks

Swimming: Not interested

Hi Friends,

My name is BAX and I am approximately 9 years old. I have beautiful chocolate fur, and I've been told I have a personality that shines like the sun! 

Let me tell you a little about myself because I am sure you may be wondering. Well...a few years ago I had no family and so a new family adopted me but unfortunate they are not able to provide me the medical I need so here I go again.. looking for a new family.  

Medically, I do have a bit of a limp but it has gotten better overtime. It has been around since I was found but it doesn't restrict me from being a dog I am just a bit slower than the average pup. I would probably do best in a home with limited amount of stairs. Awhile back I had a couple seizures but have has none since and do not require any medication at this point. A few weeks ago I started having urinary issues but I will be getting treatment soon (more info to come regarding medical).

I am your typical lab...meaning I am a laid back boy who is a "go with the flow" kind of lad. I have full access to the house and rarely bark. I am relaxed and really just love the attention from my humans. I am extremely well mannered and have no issues with sharing nor aggression. I am used to having someone home during the day as my previous family was retired but even if you have to go out I just take a nap on my bed waiting for you to come home. 

With food believe it or not I am just a grazer...I know, I know most labs just gobble their food up but I like to take my time and enjoy my meal. So if I live with another dog we may need to eat separate or they may try and steal my breakfast!

I am great with everyone I meet big or small. Although, I have never lived with kids I am very good with them. I like dogs as I have lived with two, and believe it or not I am also great with cats also. 

Overall, I am a really good boy just looking for somewhere to lay my head and have a great life.

Do I sound like a match for you?

Love, Bax


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