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Beasley poster.png

Birthday/age:  8 yrs (Feb. 17/15)

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Weight: 90 lb

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 16+

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks

Car: Good

Swimming: Loves it!

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 

Contact us at for questions.



Gentle soul who loves fetch and hanging with his people


Beasley here!  I'm an 8-year-old distinguished fellow! Aside from my sugar-coated chin, you would never know I'm a senior. 

I'm easy-going and quiet in the house. I love to be close to my peeps, and if you can’t find me, I’m having a big nap on the couch or bed.  I must warn you, I love my beauty sleep and at 9 pm I like to wander off to bed, with or without you!  I'll tuck myself in to the big bed and enjoy a peaceful sleep all night long.  

I love hiking through the trails and saying hello to all my doggy friends out there. I'm a little excited at first when I get out there and will pull a bit, but I settle in after I have a quick check of my e-mails (aka checking out the smells!).  Oh, and I am a star swimmer! I love playing fetch in the water! I can’t wait for us to put on our trunks and get out there so you can watch me swan dive after my toys!

While I've lived with the kiddies before, I think I would prefer to be the only "kid" in my new home. I've never met a cat before, so not sure what I think of them.

My ideal family will be laid back like me and enjoy the outdoors and going for regular walks, watching the sunset and then cuddling up for a movie night. A soft spot to land at the end of our fun-filled day and a place to hang my leash is all a boy could dream of.

My DMs are open!

Love Beasley

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