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bella poster.png

Birthday/age:  5 yrs

Gender: Female

Weight: 65 lb

Energy Level: Moderate


Dogs: Good 


Car: Good

Swimming: Would love to try!

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 

Contact us at for questions.



Bella here!


I'm just loving life with my amazing foster family.  I have a canine sibling and we get along fabulously! He's teaching me all kinds of neat stuff, especially how to get treats!


I'm learning something new every day! It won’t be long before I’m a master all those commands, especially when those yummy treats are involved.


I'm new to the whole leash thing, but I’m doing really well! I don’t pull, just strut along by your side. I don’t react to much on my walks, even when those cats pass or when those barkie dogs walk by! I’m a stop and smell the roses kinda gal!!


I’ve been playing with my basket full of stuffies, but my mission is to destroy them, so hard toys are best for me! But I do like a good game of tug of war!


I’m well-mannered in the house and am okay if you have to go out and do human stuff for short periods.


I’m a great sleeper and have this big dog bed I sleep on beside yours! Wait till you get my morning greetings, there’s nothing like it, I put my paws up on the bed and wag my tail to tell you it’s time to get up!


I have an amazing demeanour (that’s good, right?) and I would do well in a home with older, dog-savvy kids.


I'm really just a laid back, easy-going gal who just goes with the flow and has lots of loves to give. Maybe at the end of our day, we can cuddle up and watch Netflix. So, how about it, wanna meet?


Love Bella

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