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8 years Black Female X

Weight: 78 lbs

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Good, would prefer respectful kids

Dogs: Good loves to play!

Cats: Unknown

Swimming: Would love to try

Fetch: Unknown

Leash Skills: Excellent 


Bessie is a water doggie! Loves to be in the water! And does fetch!

She is responding very well to her new name, she goes come back when called but she does have a mind of her own when she sees something/someone to visit. BUT she always comes back when called.


She is getting along with my other doggies really well.  She will also sneak on the bed to sleep when she thinks you won’t notice. 


She loves to cuddle on the couch with me, and watch TV.

Did I mention she LOVES long car rides?

Stay tuned!

Hi Friends, 

My new name is Bessie…I was found wandering in the country so nobody knows my real name.


My recent ordeal could have turned out badly but I got lucky. I was picked up and taken to a shelter where I received food and a warm pen while the shelter tried to find my owner. When no one came looking for me, I was handed over to Lab Rescue. They arranged to give me a full check up. I received a clean bill of health. Here are my details… I am about 8 years old. I weigh about 75 lbs. I have clean, white, healthy teeth…


OK, let’s get on to what really counts! I am a happy, friendly, gentle, fun loving dog who loves to play with people or other dogs. I don’t have any experience with cats or kids but I’m sure I’d be fine with them too, because I just love everyone. I am proud to say that I have never made a mistake in the house. Instead, I go to the back door and wait to be let out.


I love going on walks. I pull just a little on my leash; because there is so much to see and sniff. I walk well with other dogs too. But, I do pull a bit if I see something really interesting. I am very  curious so I might nudge my way out the front door. When I do, I’ll just wait for you to join me outside. I know my basic commands and my foster mom says I am really smart and willing to please, so I should be able to easily learn more commands. My foster dad says I move, run and jump well with no sign of pain or discomfort. And, I have good energy for my age.


I love scratches everywhere, but especially behind the ears. Give them to me and I’ll look deep into your eyes and give you my biggest puppy smile. I love a big snooze at the end of the day and I sleep all through the night. In the morning, I might jump into your bed for cuddles – if you let me. I love treats and have a very gentle mouth. My new favorite treat is peanut butter on toast – yummy!


I love being around people. I do get a little anxious when I’m left alone but I get over it quickly. I only play with my dog toys. I have never chewed anything that wasn’t mine.


Mostly, I look and act like a Labrador Retriever. My ears are a little small for a labbie, and I do have a little brown and white coloring on my paws. The only other way you’ll know that I’m not 100% labbie is… I don’t like doggie kibble! Blech, won’t eat it. I do like canned food and will gobble it down as soon as you feed me.  My foster family thinks I have the personality of a labbie – and I think that is awesome.


Right now, I am enjoying hanging with my new labbie buddies, Coco Bean and Leo. I’m told we are going to someplace called the cottage this weekend, where I’m sure I’ll have all sorts of fun new experiences. I’m really looking forward to that.


But, what I’m really looking forward to is… meeting my new, forever family, where I can settle down and just be me.


-- Bessie

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