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Birthday/age: 1.5 yrs

Colour: Black

Gender: Male

Weight: 72 lbs 

Energy Level: High

Children: Good, 10+ please

Dogs: Good but needs to be the only dog in the home

Cats: No thanks

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Learning and doing really well

Car: Good

Fetch: Loves it

Swimming: LOVES IT!

Hi Friends,

My name is Blacky and I'm a healthy 1.5 yr old boy. I am coming to Lab Rescue because my family is moving and cannot take me with them. They are also finding it hard to provide me with the necessary love and exercise I deserve because they work long hours. 

Personality wise my foster parents say I shine in every aspect. I am a young vibrant boy so its important I go to a home where my family has lots of time to help me become the good boy I am destined to become. I am food motivated which makes me super easy to train. I am attentive and eager to please my humans, and my foster parents are so proud of everything I have learned in just a short period of time. 

I am fully house trained and do not get into the garbage. I have to admit I will help myself to snacks on the counter if my humans leave a yummy and tempting treat out within my reach. I only tend to bark if new friends are at the door. I feel the need to make sure my humans are safe and I am the bodyguard of the house. My favourite spot in the house is wherever my foster mom and dad are hanging out. At bedtime I help myself into their bed and snuggle between them. I mean that's what beds are for right? 


I have a bundle of energy so I really enjoy my walks. I am walked on a harness and seem to do really well on it. My foster dad has trained me to walk right beside him. After walks I love to sprawl out on a cold floor or sit on the air conditioning vent to hog all the cool air. 

I did live with a cat but depending on my mood I do like the game of chase here and there.

With dogs, I take some time to warm up. I am not sure if I was really socialized a lot as a puppy or what happened but it usually takes a few minutes of slow introductions for me to feel comfortable. I am not at all mean just nervous. A volunteer from Lab Rescue brought her lab to play with me and with a proper introduction we were running around playing and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Overall, I would love an active family that has the love and patience to guide me to become a great companion! is that person you?

Love, Blacky

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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