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5 years, Black Female X, 46 lbs.

Energy Level:  Average for age

Children: 10 + please

Dogs: Loves to play, has lived with other dog

Cats: Great, has lived with them

House Skills: Quiet, likes to see what you are up to

Leash Skills: Would like guidance

Fetch: Enjoys it

Swimming: Would love to try!

Car Rides: Love to hang head out window



I’m Blue! Well not really, I’m always happy and I have a shiny black coat but my owner calls me Blue.  I just celebrated my 5th birthday on August 25th, now I know you’re not supposed to tell what you wish for when you blow out the candles but I will let you in on my secret.  My owner is sick and can no longer keep me so my wish is for a forever home who will love me and spoil me like all doggies deserve. So, I guess you might want to know a bit about you decide to make my wish come true!

I’m great in the house, very quiet and respectful of the not couch rule, but boy would I ever LOVE to cuddle up on a comfy couch at the end of my play day!!  I spend the majority of my day outside in our fenced yard with my Border Collie pal or tagging along with mum in the truck.  Oh I just LOVE to feel the breeze against my face!

I know some basic commands and not too sure about that leash thingy.  I get excited to meet new people and feel the need to give them a welcoming hug and kiss.  I’m told that not everyone likes that so maybe we can work on those manners.  I hear there’s a special place for doggies to learn how to behave so they get lots of treats, I think it’s called something like Treat School or Doggy School.  Either way, it sounds like so much fun!

Let’s see….Oh I love to play fetch and splash in water but I have never tried that swimming game.  Maybe my new family can teach me how to play!

I live with my doggy pal, like I said, and I’ve also lived with a few cats.  We all get along great and just hang out. 

I’ve met a few kids on our travels and OH BOY that was so exciting!! They have yummy sticky fingers and faces that must be licked and I might innocently knock them over. For this reason, it would be best if my new home had kids over 10 years old.

One other important thing you should know is that I am super terrified of big bangs like fireworks.  I need a safe place and lots of love on those holidays. 

So to sum it up, I wish for a family who will give me lots of exercise and help me learn some new skills.  I’m good with cats and dogs and older kids and would LOVE to snuggle up at then end of the day for lots of hugs and kisses. 

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