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Birthday/age:  14 mos

Gender: Male

Weight:  80 lb

Energy Level: Moderate 

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Loves it!

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Contact us at for questions.



Hi there! Blue here, a 14-month-old happy-go-lucky guy!


I’m one super friendly guy and love all those humans, big or small! Everyone in my community just loves me and looks forward to seeing me on my daily walk! I can’t wait to become a regular in my new ‘hood and make new friends!


I love those kiddies too, of all sizes. The neighbourhood kids like to watch for me so they came come and say hello and play fetch with me! I love those little hands petting me! And with the little ones, I just sit or lie down so they can say hello to me! It’s like I know they’re little!


I’m also a hit at the groomers on my monthly visit, they say I’m the perfect client! Just sitting there enjoying getting beautified and having a pedicure!


I’m a well-mannered boy in the house, and am used to my peeps going to work. I just stretch out on couch or bed till you get home.


I love to curl up in your lap for snuggles!


I’m used to going for multiple walks a day, where I get to practice my social butterfly skills! I can get a little excited at first, so might pull, but hey what lab doesn’t?? I see some of my doggie friends sporting one of those no-pull harnesses, bet that would work for me! I also love to sit on my front porch and watch the activities going on!


I’m great with other dogs, we have regular playdates where we love to play chase with each other! I’m really looking forward to expanding my friend list with my new family. Maybe I can even catch myself a girlfriend! I’ve never met a cat, so I really don’t know what I think of them!


I love my car rides, and it’s important to be safe, so I wear my seat belt! I secretly hope our destination is the cottage or water because I just love to swim, you should see my butterfly!! I’m quite the athlete out there! I love going for boat rides too, resting my head on the side and enjoying that fresh air!


If I may say so myself, I’m the complete “package”, and a big love bug!

Love Blue

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