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To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 

Contact us at for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab.



Birthday/age: Oct 24/23

Gender: Male

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Open to all ages

Dogs: Good

Cats: N/A

Car: Good

Swimming: N/A

Looking for a BFF




I’m Brock and I’m this many… Oh wait, you can’t see my paws! Well, anyways, I’m just a young boy but smart as a whip!


My new foster buddy is showing me the ropes and even lets me snuggle up with him at nap time. My house skills are top-notch. If you work from home, I’m happy to snuggle up under the desk while you do your thing and play with my toys until it’s break time. I sleep through the night and never far behind you in the house, always curious to see what is going on.


I’m at the sponge stage where I’m taking in everything new and learning, learning, learning. I can’t wait to get to puppy school

 and show everyone how smart I am And I hear they give some pretty awesome treats too!


I’m a happy go lucky puppy looking for a family to guide me through many wonderful years together. 


Don’t miss out on your chance to add me to your family!


Love Brock

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