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Buck makes Pupsicles with his foster!


Birthday/age:  2 yrs

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Male

Weight: 64 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: No

Car: Good

Swimming: Love it!

Well hello there! I'm Buck and I’m 2 years old.  I'm described as a happy boy with good leash skills for my age and lots of potential to learn anything for a treat.

Things I'm great at:

Meeting new people and playing outside; house manners even when alone; responsive to cues on leash; I know sit, stay, shake a paw; I'm great in the car; quiet overall and happy to lounge in the yard and squirrel watch.  I'm sure I'll catch one some day!


I bond quickly with my person and always close by their side. I thrive with a predictable routine. I get along well with other dogs; but I can be a rough and tumble sort of boy sometimes and not all dogs appreciate that style of play.  

Things I'm working on:

Sitting and focusing while on leash in high distraction settings; improving my "leave it" and " with me" commands on leash, though I've been told my leash skills are superb for a young Lab. Trust has greatly improved with consistency, routine and going at my pace, allowing me to come to you.  

I like space at meal times.  After all, you wouldn't want someone hovering over you while you eat or putting their hands on your plate, and neither would I. Feed me in a quiet spot of the house so I can enjoy my meal in peace.  I'm fine to take treats gently and I'll give my high value toys up to the human I trust the most.  


I don't beg for human food and when dinner is being made, I'm off on my own resting. I enjoy full access even when alone in the house and mind my manners. I LOVE to swim!!!

Overall, my hard work of becoming a great canine citizen is paying off.  I'm learning to trust my surroundings and a bunch of new skills.


I'm best suited for an experienced family who will continue my training.  A home without other fur-kids might be best but I look forward to making canine friends once I'm settled. Teenaged children, if any in my new home, would suit me well.  I look forward to lots of enrichment activities including hiking, training, swimming and mind stimulation activities. If you're my perfect match, I'm ready to meet you!

Love Buck

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