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Birthday/age:  2 yrs

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Male

Weight: 64 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate


Dogs: Good

Cats: No


Swimming: never tried it

  • Petite Boy

  • Happy to Meet Everyone

  • Affectionate



Well hello there! I'm Buck and I’m 2 years old. I recently arrived in Lab Rescue's care and I'm settling in with my foster family.  I share my space with an older female Lab and we like to play in the yard together.  She is more reserved so we don't spend a lot of time together in the house but I get lots of attention from my foster parents who are home often.


My house skills are great and I'm a master at cuddling on the bed!  I’m a great sleeper, at night I will sleep on my own bed and not make a peep.  I enjoy squeaky toys and bones but I love them too much and don't want to give them back, so we are sticking with things like Kongs and lower-value toys.  For this reason, it might be nice to be the only dog in my new home so my family can help me learn that I'm safe and I don't have to worry about things being taken away from me.  This goes for my food as well.  I'm playing a game with my meals to help me understand and control my food insecurity issues and I am currently being hand fed with a game called "find it" and it is so much fun!!


I love my walks and I'm very manageable on leash.  I'm a petite boy under 70 lbs and very obedient to my human's direction.  My favourite thing to do is hike through the forest.  All those amazing smells really help burn my mental energy and sets me up for the best nap afterwards!  


I almost forgot to tell you!  I have a deep love of snow, rolling in it, eating it, diving in it, catching it, I LOVE anything snow-related!!  I’m pretty sure I would like swimming too, we will have to give it a try!


My ideal family will be adults only and have experience with dogs and willing to work with a trainer on my food insecurity issues.  Lab Rescue has a trainer that can help with this right from day one so we can all be set up for success!


Love Buck

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