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Birthday/Age: 5.5 yrs old.

Colour: Black.

Gender: Male.

Weight: 60 lbs.

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Older kids only.

Dogs: Unknown, not much socialization.

Cats: Unknown.

House Skills: Great.

Leash Skills: Good, walks on a harness.

Car: Wears a thunder shirt in the car, lays down.

Fetch: Likes to keep the ball.

Swimming: Likes it.

Hi Friends,

My name is Buddy and I am 5.5 years old. I am coming to Lab Rescue from Nova Scotia and can't wait to find my forever home here. I am being surrendered to Lab Rescue due to my Anxiety. I'm sure some humans can relate to this feeling. I have worked with a behaviourist and have improved tremendously. But I have had a few incidents around feeling trapped by toddlers where I nipped but it was truly not my fault. I don't have destructive Anxiety so you won't come home to your furniture eaten. I would enjoy a home that is quiet and full of love. 

Medically I am in good health. I eat a great food called FROMM Duck & Potato which I love and do really well on. I am active and love to swim and play! I used to go for a jog with my previous owner on nice cool days and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like to chase the ball but I have to say I am not the best at bringing it back (I mean its mine right)?

Because I need lots of mental stimulation I use a treat ball/kong as well as a game called "find the treat" where my previous owner would hind a treat in the house and I would have to find it. I love my stuffy babies too!


I went through 4 yrs of training which has helped with my Anxiety and training. I use a sensation harness and walk really well with it.

I used to get anxious in the car but I wear a thunder shirt which helps. I will just lay down in the back seat.


I am not afraid of noises such as thunder, fireworks or loud noises. I am used to them.

Believe it or not when it comes to food I am more of a grazer. I enjoy eating my meal later at night when the house is quiet and everyone is in bed. 

Overall, I am a sweet boy, who is gentle and affectionate. I know I have a bit of Anxiety but with a loving and quiet home I would be the perfect companion. 

Love, Buddy.

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