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Birthday/age: 7 yrs (DOB Jul 28, 2012)

Colour: Black

Gender: Male

Weight: 82.5 lbs

Energy Level: Average

Children: Good, lived with one

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Pulls for the first few minutes

Car: Rides well

Fetch: Loves toys

Swimming: Loves it


If you’re looking for a handsome, well mannered and loyal companion; our charming Chester is the dog for you.

His house manners are impeccable and, for the most part, you wouldn’t even know he’s around.  He loves his bed and can usually be found on it resting and waiting for the next walk or adventure.  

Chester is a good eater and patiently waits while you fill his dish for his morning and evening meals. Like most labs, he is highly motivated with treats and is very gentle when he takes them from your hand.  

He is very healthy and will do all his business outdoors.  His shiny coat is very short haired and makes for less shedding and easy to sweep.  

He loves to be in the same room as his people and will curl up and snuggle for hugs and rubs, as we watch TV or jump into bed in the mornings when he is invited to do so.  He enjoys being hugged, and like most labbies loves to have his belly rubbed.

Chester has been left alone in our home with full access without a single incident.  He does not counter surf or go into the garbage.

Chester knows and responds readily to commands; come, sit, wait/stay, go lay down, put it down (we have had occasion where he picks up stray bones on our walks but puts it down immediately when asked), shake a paw, and quiet.  He seldom barks but will occasionally bark at a passing dog.  He does bark and run along the fence in the back yard at our neighbours 2 year old yellow lab, but tails are wagging and it does seem playful on their part.  Eventually they do stop and ignore each other.

He enjoys being outside and will play catch with his favourite ball for a short time.  His most loved toy is his plush (no longer squeeking) raccoon.  Chester also loves to bask in the sun on the deck.

Walks are one of his favourite activities and he walks very well on a regular leash and collar.  Sometimes when he meets a dog coming towards him he will pull to go see the dog and for the most part meetings are friendly.  He will only bark if the other dog barks first.  During these times Chester is very easily redirected and responds quickly to “treats”.  

When someone comes to the door he is very good and loves people in general.  He shows no tendency whatsoever of being a runner and will sit and stay when the door is open.  He will also stay when the gates to the yard are open while we pass through.  He will get excited when he sees children and wants to interact with them in a very friendly/playful way.

Chester has not interacted with other dogs off leash, so we are still unsure how he would react.  On leash he appears to want to be dominant but tail is wagging. He has not encountered a cat but he seems indifferent to them on our walks when he sees one.

Chester enjoys car rides and is quite happy to just look out the window.  He is very well behaved and if the car ride is a bit far he will curl up and sleep.

We hear he loves to swim but, we have yet to take him swimming ourselves.

We have absolutely enjoyed having Chester in our home and certainly would recommend this beautiful black lab for your family if you want a calm, quiet, lovable and loving dog to complete your family.  

Please don’t let his distinguished white face deter you, he truly is seven years young at heart and will provide you with many more enjoyable years.

We truly love this gorgeous dog and although we hope he finds his forever home, he will be hard to give up.❤️🐾

Foster Family

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