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Chocolate, Female, 12 yrs

Weight: 62 lbs 

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Respectful kids 10+.

Dogs: No thanks.

Cats: Good, my foster mom has one.

Swimming: Would love to try.

Fetch: Love it.

Leash Skills: Excellent

Hi Friends, My name is Cinnamon (yes just like the yummy spice). I came to Lab Rescue by no fault of my own. My owners moved to a place where they do not allow pets so the folks at Lab Rescue promised my mom that they would find me a wonderful home. 

Medically, I do have some ongoing allergies and ear issues but I am on a hypoallergenic food that is helping with that. Believe it or not for 12 years old I have no mobility issues. I am able to do stairs no problem and can easily jump in the car without any hesitation. Have I mentioned that I love car rides? It relaxes me and puts me right to sleep. 

In the house I am a very good girl. I love my doggy bed and squeaking my toys! I also like to be close to my people. I am told that I am a super easy lab! When I eat my breakfast and dinner I don't like my humans trying to take my food away...but I mean who likes to be disturbed when they're hungry? With treats I am learning to be a bit more gentle.

I know how to sit, lay down, come, shake a paw and more, and I will do anything for a cookie!

On leash I have been told that I am a dream to walk. I do not pull and enjoy long walks where I get to sniff and meet new people.

I know I am a senior but I am a SUPER SENIOR. I am doing terrific for my age and have tons of love, and life left in me.

I have to go my foster mom wants to play!

Love, Cinnamon.



She is very active and fit for a 12-year-old lab. 

She is eating Medi-Cal Hypoallergenic dog food. (The Orange colour bag).

She doesn't want you to go near her food when she is eating. 

She sniffed out my (recently deceased) dogs rawhide bone. She likes to carry it around and nibble on it. 

She has a hematoma on her ear that is healing.  

She is on liquid omega 3.  Her coat is beautiful and she has no dandruff/dry skin. Beautiful coat - especially for a 12-year-old dog! 

She is a bit under - weight. Currently 57 lbs


Other Dogs:

When out on walks, she wags her tail and wants to greet other dogs but so far that is about it. I haven't taken her to a leash free park. I have only taken her off leash in my yard.



When Cinnamon first arrived, she sniffed every inch of my home until she sniffed out (and cornered) my cat. There were some hissing and barking but nothing serious. Cinnamon initially jumped up and down and barked at my cat but I think they have worked it out for the most part. When Cinnamon is in a playful mood, she will want to chase the cat - but the cat doesn't like that.


House Skills:

She is completely house trained.

She will give a little cry to indicate that she wants out.

She loves to be with us. She lays in the living room when we're home in the evening. She lays at the front door when we're not here.  She sleeps on the doggy bed in our bedroom. She follows us around but if we're sitting, she is content to sit also. Has not counter surfed. She raises her head to smell food - when cooking/prepping/etc.  

She doesn't bother the garbage. She has not chewed anything in the house. She only barks at the cat - (and that is only sometimes) - usually, when the cat is getting fed or is jealous that she isn't getting 100% of the attention (I think).

She loves her Kong - I initially stuffed it with treats and peanut butter - but the Doctor said no Peanut butter - so the treats kind of fall out easily now. 

She doesn't bark or interfere when someone comes to the door.

She will sometimes cry, (when she cannot see my husband),

She spills/splashes up water when she drinks - so we put a towel down in front of her water bowl so she and no-one else slips and falls.

She has no problem staying home alone for 5 hours. No mess in the house, nothing chewed, no accidents, the cat is fine. 

She loves people - doesn't make any fuss when people come to visit, etc. just wants to comes smell them and get a pat and then she goes back and lays down or chews toys.


Leash Skills:

She is very well trained on her leash. 

She will sit, stay, give paw. 

She uses a normal neck collar and nylon leash. 

She likes to sniff and take her time but she can walk quickly also.

For a 12-year-old, she can go for a good 40-60 minute walk - due to summer temps I have not pushed the duration of walks - better for her to have shorter more frequent walks - but on cool evenings, I have taken her for a 40-60 minute walks and her breaths heavy - but enjoys it and doesn't show any signs of fatigue or muscle soreness.



She loves to play tug of war with some of her squeaky toys but ripped one in half playing with my son.

Haven't played fetch yet - but she can sure run. 

My son will play hide and seek with her, and she runs around and catches him no problem. 

When she hears children playing, crying, etc. she stops and looks in their direction, and then give a little cry. (I think maybe she misses her previous family). 


She loves to go for car drives. 

She is quiet and likes to look out the window or curl up on the back seat.

She jumps into the car easily from the right-hand side of the car. She can get in from the left-hand side also but needs a little lift to help her.

She jumps out of the back seat from either the left or right side with ease. 

She can run up and down the stairs with ease and fast than I can get up them!


The only negative I can report is that she doesn't want anyone to touch her food/treats once you have given them to her.

If she walks away and leaves the food, then you can pick up the bowl without issue. 

The family/person who adopts Cinnamon will be very lucky to find such a gem. 

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