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Birthday/age: 5 years in June

Colour: Black

Gender: Male 

Weight: 85 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate energy

Children: Good 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Loves it!

Adventure Dog to the Rescue!


You can call me Coby.  I'm told my 5th birthday is coming soon and I can't wait to hear the plans my new family has to celebrate!  I'm coming to Lab Rescue because my family is too busy for me.


My house skills are great! I like to lounge on the couch and supervise the wee humans.  I'm quiet and I don't chew things that aren't mine.  I would like tidy counters to limit my temptations to explore the counters.  I'm super food motivated but I don't steal food from humans. 


I know my basics and I'm really good on the leash.  I may pull a bit when something peaks my interest but generally, I'm a good walker.


I'm a firm believer that everyone I meet or anyone who comes to visit needs a Hello Hug to brighten their day.  I don't understand why my pawrents don't like it, I'm just being friendly.  Perhaps my new family can help with that.


I'm great with children and sometimes forget my size and may knock the wee ones over in excitement.  Children 12 and over would be good for me.


I'm cool with friendly dogs off leash.  I'd like doggy friends, not siblings, in my new family and I'm not sure about those cats.


Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the most important things!! I LOVE walking, hiking, running, swimming and playing fetch. You name it and I'm game.  I'd be over the moon if there was a spot for me to swim all the time.  If it's a pool, I need stairs to get in as I'm not much for swan diving.


As you can see I'm a pretty active boy looking for an equally active family to go on adventures with me.  I'd like my place on the couch for cuddling time and I'd love it if my family was home often. 


Talk soon, I gotta go for a swim!

Love Coby

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