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UPDATE from Bailey:

I'm having so much fun at doggy Boot Camp and learning so much!  I'm told I excel in a structured environment so that works best for me!

I've also learned that I really like playing with my canine friends.  I've even met a cat but still have to practice not being in their face.....I'm trying!


Birthday/age: 1.5 yr

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Female

Weight: 80 lbs

Energy Level: High

Children: 14+

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Learning manners

Leash Skills: Doing great

Car: Great

Fetch: Enjoys it

Swimming: Would love to try


Hi Friends,


My name is Bailey and I am 1.5 yrs old. I have to say the first year of my life wasn't the greatest and because of that I have a lot to learn but I am hoping with the right family I will thrive. I'm looking for an experienced home that has a vast experience with training and a fenced in yard where we can play ball together all day. 

Medically, I am a healthy girl. 

On leash, I'll need a strong handler but my foster mom says that after a few minutes I settle. I am super active so I am looking for an active family that loves to hike and get outdoors. 

I think car rides are my favourite pastime. I feel totally relaxed and at peace with the wind blowing in my ears.


I love toys but require tough toys as stuffy toys won't last long with me. I like to play fetch too.  I'm not sure about swimming but I would love to try!

I am learning my house manners, I have to say they are a work in progress but my foster mom is patient with me. I am fully house trained and do not have accidents.

I really enjoy being close to my people, and don't like when you're out of sight. I think this is due to my past being left for so many hours to fend for myself.


My exposure to children, other dogs and cats and even living freely in a home has been very limited. So I don't know how I would act. I also heard about this place called doggy school where I can learn new skills and get lots of yummy treats and be told "good girl" all the time!  I sure would love that! 


Please only apply if:

  • you have lots of time and energy for training and exercising me;

  • a fully fenced yard

  • no other pets

  • children over 14, if any

Love Bailey



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