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Age: 10 yrs

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Male

Weight: 75 lbs

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Great, lived with one

Dogs: Great

Cats: Great, lived with one

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good

Car: Good

Fetch: Would love to try

Swimming: Loves it


Ronoldo is coming to us as his family does not have time for him. 


Medically - Overall he is healthy and has no mobility issues.  He does have 2 cysts that are benign fatty lumps that don't seem to bother him.


House - He is a pretty quiet boy and will only bark if someone is at the door or if he needs to go outside.  He is used to having full access to the home and is very well behaved when left alone. He will gladly snuggle on his bed until you come home.


Exercise - Ronaldo enjoys his walks and really LOVES the dog park. He used to go there often and loves to run around with other dogs. You would never know that he was 10 yrs old as he runs around like a puppy. He is walked on a regular flat collar and is good on leash but can pull a bit. Off leash he is okay but needs to be monitored as he has no problem wandering over to a neighbour's house to say hello.


People - Ronoldo is great with people of all sizes. He used to live with a small child and they were the best of friends. He was the star of playing dress up and really enjoyed the attention. 


Dogs - He is great with other dogs and has been socialized around lots of them his whole life. At one point he did live with another dog and they were great together.  No sharing issues over food, water or toys. He would do well with another dog in the home. 


Cats - He is also great with cats.  


Water - He does LOVE to swim. If you let this boy swim all day he absolutely would!


Quirks - He does appear to be afraid of loud noises such as fireworks and thunders storms. He just finds a safe place to hide and once it is over he is fine. 


Car - He likes the car and jumps in on his own and lays down in the backseat and sleeps. 

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