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Birthday/age: 3 yrs old

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Weight: 70 lbs

Energy Level: High

Children: Prefers home without children

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Pulls, Needs Training

Car: Good

Fetch: Prefers to be chased

Swimming: Loves it

Hi friends, my name is Charlie and I'm 3 yrs old!  I’m a very happy and playful guy that enjoys lots of exercise.  Playing tug of war is a lot of fun but what’s even better is being chased with a toy in my mouth.


Even though I do like canine friends, I do prefer to be the top dog so I can get all the attention.


At nighttime I sleep like a baby on my own bed in my own space, but when morning comes don’t be surprised if I jump on the bed to wake you for cuddle time.  I really am a cuddle bug.


I used to live on rural property that was very peaceful so in certain situations when I hear loud noises I can get startled quite easily.  Because of this I have a wish list for my forever family. 


Here goes:

  • Even though I’m good with kids, dogs and cats I would prefer them to be guests only.

  • A quiet and calm environment would be great with limited people coming and going

  • Someone with experience, patience and understanding of my body language and spatial needs.

  • Since I love running so much perhaps a running partner.


Do I seem like the right fit for you?


Love Charlie

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FOSTER UPDATE: Charlie has really settled in and as he learns our routines he is more calm.  He loves his walks and does pull to sniff everything but does get better the longer the walk.  He will bark when people pass outside the house and he always comes back when called.


Charlie gets lots of love and attention when he asks for it and the more time that goes by the more trust that is built.  He is very smart and willing to learn.  In the right environment he will learn there is nothing to fear.  Charlie is one great dog who just needs a stable and loving forever home.