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Birthday/Age: 4 yrs.

Colour: Chocolate.

Gender: Male.

Weight: 56 lbs.

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: No thanks.

Dogs: Great, well socialized.

Cats: No thanks.

House Skills: Great.

Leash Skills: Good.

Car: Loves it.

Fetch: Prefer when you get the toy from me. I like tug of war.

Swimming: Okay with it.

Hi Friends,

Do you remember when we used to sing "sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah" brown eyed boy! oh so I know the song is called "brown eyed girl" but come on look at my chocolate eyes! This song was made for me.

My name is Ritter and I am a 4 yr old cutie patootie.  Everyone keeps telling me how handsome I must be my ever so lovely chocolate locks! I can be described as a really good dog that really enjoys hanging out with his people. 

I am easy going guy that likes to follow you around to see what's going on.  I love belly rubs and ear scratches. I have a really comfy mat that I love to nap on, so I don't get up on the sofa unless invited.  Speaking of my mat, I'm really good at going to it when you tell me do so.  I might need a reminder or two to stay there if you are eating or cooking something yummy.  

Medically, like many dogs I tend to suffer from seasonal allergies. I tend to suffer more so in the spring time, and my previous family was really great about giving me Reactine which seems to work tremendously!


I only have access to bedrooms when accompanied by my parents at this point, but if I did have free access to them, you might find me sprawled out on a bed.  If someone comes to the door I will bark to let you know.  I'll probably jump up on them too once they come in, but usually settle down pretty quickly, especially once I know they are a friend.  If you tell me 'off' or tell them to turn their back to me, I'll take the hint, sit down and wait for some attention.  


I currently go out 3 days a week with a dog walker for off leash group walks on either trails, forested areas or at dog parks. I get a few other on leash walks during the week/weekend and I really enjoy them.  Perhaps something along the lines of...  I love going for walks.  I'm a well behaved boy, both on and off leash, though you need to make sure I'm away from any cars before letting me off leash.  

I use a treat dispensing ball for feeding. I do eat from a bowl from time to time.  It's more fun and it slows me down a little!  You won't have to ask me twice to bring you my ball, especially if I hear you getting my food out. I am super food motivated. Which means if you leave a nice steak on the counter I may counter surf so you will have to make sure all food is off the counter or at least out of my reach.


I have only ever been around a cat once in my life, so I'm not sure what I would do with them.

Do I sound like I could be a match for you? I sure hope so.

Love, Ritter.

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