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Birthday/age: 2 yrs old

Colour: Black

Gender: Male X

Weight: 60 lbs

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Good as young as 6 yrs

Dogs: Great, LOVES to play!

Cats: No thanks 

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Pulls at first, would like training

Car: Only for short rides, whines the whole time 

Fetch: Loves it

Swimming: Loves it

Hi There!


I'm Dax the Black Lab X, although I sure do look and act like a Lab.  I'm 2 years old and a barrel of fun.  I'm coming to Lab Rescue because of changes in the family that have resulted in less space and time for me.  I'm a super friendly guy...some might even say I'm a social butterfly because I get along with dogs big and small.  I've lived with kids as young as 6 years old.  I'm a great vacuum to clean up all the crumbles they leave behind... the truth is the real vacuum scares me so I try to do its job so it never has to come out!


I really hope my new family has a place for me to show off my fetching skills in the water!! I love my walks too but I really hate the thingy they put around my snout (I think its a gentle leader).  Apparently, I need something to help me remember not to pull so much.  Lab Rescue says there's this neat harness thingy that has a clip at the chest that might be helpful, oh and of course some training with yummy treats would help.


I'm an expert at chasing cats and squirrels.  Rest assured your yard will have none of those if I'm in charge. I'm good with small dogs though because I know they are my kind and just want to play but if chase is their game, I'm up for that too!  I don't wonder far off leash but remember I like to chase squirrels so I need to work hard on my recall skills for my own safety.


I'm good in the house, quiet and laid back.  I will help myself to food left out at my level or on the counter...I'm just trying to keep a tidy home after all.  I haven't had any formal training but I can do a "sit" like nobody's business!  I'm not fantastic in the car because I whine the whole ride. In my defense my rides have all been very short and either to the vet or the dog park so you can see why I have a lot to say the whole way.  


My ideal family would be one with lots of time for exercise and dedicated time to teach me some new skills, you know, show I guy his true potential.  A home with no cats would be obvious and kids over the age of 6 if any. A family with training experience would be great as I don't know as much as others my age. The biggest wish I have is that I get lots of opportunity to swim and play with other dogs.  Those are key factors to my happiness as a Lab.  Do you have what I need?  Apply today!


Love Dax


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