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Birthday/age: 3 yrs

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Female

Energy Level: Medium energy

Children: 14+ Please

Dogs: Good

Hi Friends!!!


Ellie here!  I think I'm like teenage dog years, around 3, but no one has celebrated my birthday in, like forever, so....you catch my drift...  I have tons of, like, young energy from a life of living at a this, like, shelter place. You know, no exercise or regular physical contact, so.... just, like, me and my mom hanging out every second of the day....lame, I know right?!  She wants a new home where she can be solo since our needs are so like, different and stuff.  I will need lots of physical and mental activity, or whatever, and maybe another dog to play with would be totally chill too.


My, like perrrfect family would have lots of time and energy to, like, dedicate to ME, be experienced dog parents and have, like older kids in the home, no cats, another dog-sure, and a fenced yard thingy.  I will need your help learning how to, like, LIVE in a home and how to walk on a leash thingy, or whatever but I like, totally just want to please my people and will try, like, so hard! If you think you're, like a match for me, apply today.




Ellie xoxo

Contact us at info@lab-rescue.ca for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab.


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