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4 years Yellow, Female.

Weight: 73 lbs.

Energy Level: Active/Playful.

Children: 12+ please. 

Dogs: Good.

Cats: Great.

Swimming: Loves it, wades in the water. 

Fetch: Loves tug of war!  

Leash Skills: Great on and off leash.

Car: Very good, just sits and enjoys the view.

Oh hi there friends, my name is Lily (like the beautiful flower). The doggy doctor thinks I'm approximately 4 years old. I have been told that I am like an adult puppy. My foster mom describes me as a super sweet girl. She says "I am so easy to love". 

Medically, I have a history of ear infections but as of now they are clear. It is just something my new family will have to keep an eye on that's all. 

In the house, I am treated like a true queen. I have full access to the house, and love to be a part of whats going on. My foster mom says I am quite the lap dog. Our favourite thing to do lately is snuggle on the couch while I get a few pats (did I say that was OUR favourite? I meant MY favourite). I am quite the talker my foster mom says (she talks, I growl/bark back to her). At nighttime I snuggle up on a dog bed right next to my foster moms bed. 


Since I am a Labrador Retriever I love all sorts of fun toys, but most of all I adore balls, kongs and deer antlers! I sure like the stuffy ones too but have a habit of pulling all the stuffing out (I was supposed to do that right)?

With dogs, I am super playful. I have been caught cuddling with my fur sibling a few times. With other dogs I love to wrestle (I have a loud, grumpy sounding growl). Sometimes it can sound scary but its nothing to be concerned about. On leash, I was told that I was not so good with dogs passing by but my foster has not experienced that behaviour at all. 

Guess what else? I know a few commands. I sit, shake a paw, lay down, stay - apparently I know French and English!

If you are looking for an energetic gal who is a super duper companion well here I am.

Its supper time...gotta run!

Love, Lily.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.