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Birthday/Age: 5 yrs (approximately).

Colour: Black.

Gender: Female.

Weight: 60 lbs.

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Not much exposure.

Dogs: No thank you, not well socialized.

Cats: Not bothered by them.

House Skills: Great.

Leash Skills: A work in progress.

Car: Good.

Fetch: Loves it & tug of war.

Swimming: Good.

Hi Friends,

My name is Abby and I am a young and energetic girl looking for a super special family. See the first part of my life didn't start off so well. I was surrendered to a shelter and bounced to a home and back to the shelter where I didn't show very well....I was stressed out and confused as to why no one wanted to adopt me. The wonderful staff at the shelter knew I deserved better and contacted Lab Rescue to help so here I am.

Since being with my foster parents, I have improved tremendously. My mom says I have excellent house manners and love being a part of a family instead of in a shelter. I am not bothered much by kids or cats. With dogs I am still a work in progress, but learning new manners daily. My leash skills have improved, and I am currently working with a wonderful trainer to help me be the best girl I can be for my new family.


Abby really is a little doll and has shown to be very loving with us. She is very different in our home than she was at the shelter. She doesn't bark unless someone comes to the door, and is not bothered by people whatsoever. On the second day with us she was laid back and relaxed. If dogs could smile I would say she was definitely smiling. She is very smart, knows several commands and fun tricks. Abby is well behaved and does not beg or counter surf. On leash, she is improving. She does best on a harness, and did strain to see dogs on leash but did not bark and was easily redirected. She has shown no tendency to run and sits and stays when the door is open for us to come and go. She is allowed on our furniture but does not come up unless invited. We are so delighted and happy with how well Abby is doing.




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