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Female, Black, 7yrs

Weight: 70lbs   

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Unknown.

Dogs: Good. 

Cats: Unknown.

Swimming: Would love to try!

Fetch: Nah, I would rather stick to my people. 

Leash Skills: Pulls at first, than settles.

Car: Great traveller. 


All I can  say is "What a wonderful girl!"  She has stolen the hearts of everyone she meets.  


Puppy has settled in well to her new home and routine.  She has access to all areas of the house.  She likes to be close and will settle near your feet.  She likes to lie on the floor but will climb up on the sofa to cuddle and watch television. 


Puppy is a slow eater for a lab.  She prefers to have a tiny bit of wet food mixed in with her kibble.  At meal times she likes someone to watch her eat.  If you move away she stops eating and will wait for you to come back.  


To help clear up her ears and toes Puppy is on medication.  She is super about taking her pills if they are hidden in tinned dog food. 


At night she is a bit restless and tries out several places to sleep.  She will settle in the bedroom near the bed (often liking to be near enough to have a hand stroke her head).  A quick run outside early in the  morning helps her settle again for a few extra minutes of sleep.  She loves to be invited into bed and becomes a wiggly worm as she finds just the right spot to get the best scratches and cuddles. 


Puppy likes to go for walks.  She walks quickly. She is aware of squirrels and rabbits.  She will pull towards them but is easily redirected.  Puppy is happy to go in the backyard.  She likes to explore and  monitor the squirrels on the fence.  Puppy is eager to please.  We are not sure of her knowledge of commands as she may know some in French but she tends to come and sit near you no matter what you say to her!


So far Puppy has been a great traveler in the car.  She settles well and sleeps on long trips.  She is enjoying her time at the cottage.


Puppy wishes everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!





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