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  • Cuddles is a nine year old little bundle of energy who is very curious and always at the ready for anything. 

  • Marley on the other hand is younger at six years old and  is very laid back but ready at a moment’s notice for any adventure. 

  • Indoors they are very well behaved and love to “cuddle” up together to relax and have a few naps. 

  • They seldom bark and surprisingly shed very little.  We couldn't be happier about that.  

  • They enjoy being outdoors and can be seen playing with each other when in the back yard.  

  • Both Cuddles and Marley get excited on their walks.  With time and practise they are improving and do settle somewhat after a bit, especially Marley who now walks quite well without pulling.  Cuddles, however, enjoys her walks and is pretty much always in a state of excitement for the duration. 

  • They are not bothered by Cats, squirrels and people and both appreciate it when people take the time to say hello and give them a quick pat on the head.  


  • The girls are very friendly with other dogs off leash at the dog park; but meeting up with other dogs while on their leash is quite different.  They get very excited, bark and pull in the direction of the other dog to go say hello. 


  • The girls eat well and ask to go out when needed. 

  • They sleep well through the night on their own bed next to ours. 

  • They are left at home on their own with full access without any worries. 

  • Both travel well in the vehicle when taken them for a ride.  

  • They do love to have folks nearby and we do enjoy their company as well as they have endearing personalities. 

  • Cuddles and Marley bring us much laughter and enjoyment with their playfulness and inquisitiveness.

  • They are a super set of labbies and any family adopting them would be super lucky.


Marley 6 years Black female

Weight: 80 lbs. 

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Good.

Dogs: Good.

Cats: Unknown.

Swimming: Loves to use it as a drinking bowl.

Leash Skills: Working on my manners - pulls to see other dogs.

Cuddles 9 yrs Black female 

Weight: 65 lbs 

Energy Level: Fantastic for age.

Children: Good.

Dogs: Good.

Cats: Unknown.   

Swimming: Likes to watch

Leash Skills: Working on my manners - pulls to see other dogs.

Hi Friends,

We are Marley & Cuddles and consider ourselves a bonded pair.  We have some sad news to share, our owner passed away and we have no family member healthy enough to keep us. Unfortunately we found ourselves at a local shelter and were so VERY stressed and upset. Thank goodness the kind folks at Lab Rescue gladly offered to take us in. Since being with our foster parents we have completely come out of our shell. Please read what our foster has shared about us. She sure does have plenty to share.

Medically, we are two pretty healthy girls. I (Cuddles) get to eat a special diet that comes from the vet for allergies. Besides that we are in pretty great shape. 

In the house, our foster mom says we are TERRIFIC! We have full run of the house, our foster mom never has to worry about us getting into mischief. We can be left alone no problem without any separation anxiety. She says we are very quiet and polite. Our foster parents are enjoying how affectionate we are. Our new favourite is snuggling with our foster dad watching TV. We don't beg for people food either (I know its shocking for a pair of labs). We love to greet new visitors with wagging tails.

Have we told you that we know a few tricks? sit, stay, lay down, shake a paw, and my sister Cuddles even knows how to sit pretty (putting her paws up when shes in a sit). I'm sorta jealous that I can't do it. 

We are super polite when it comes to meal time too. My foster mom has no issue taking our food or water away. Sometimes though my sister Cuddles tries to eat quick so she can steal a kibble or two off of me but our foster mom says no and she listens!

Cuddles nickname is "Curious George" always investigating whats going on. If Marley is up to something I am right there seeing whats going on. 

In the car, we are very good we will either just check out the gorgeous view or curl up and sleep. 

At bedtime, we love to snuggle up beside our foster moms bed. We really enjoy sleeping side by side on the same bed. My foster mom made us a home made bed big enough to fit us both. 

We are known to be playful with other dogs but have never been around a cat so we don't know how we would be. 

If you have room in your hearts for a pair, you will receive double the amount of love from us.

Love, Marley & Cuddles.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.