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Maggie and Mia are a pair of sweet girls coming to LRAS due to family illness. They are a bonded pair and will be adopted together.  ** Reduced adoption fee for a pair**

Hi Friends!

I’m Maggie and this is my “twin” sister Mia.  We’re both 5 years old and sweet as can be. We met the LRAS team when our owner was no longer able to care for us due to illness.  We sure would love to be in our furever home in time for a visit for the Jolly Man himself. 


Let me start by telling you we have been having a BLAST with our awesome foster family!!  We had no idea being in a human house was so cozy! I mean really, a warm bed and this super comfy thing, I think they call it something like ccoouuch, lots of attention and long walks with the other dogs in our foster home.  This is just FANTASTIC!!

We have lots of energy and love to play, play, play so our furever family would need a large yard for us to do what we do best. We’re great off leash as most of our walks were on trails.  We are SUPER smart, LOVE food and so eager to hear those words “Good Girl”…… I’m told that is a great combo for a learning about that whole leash thing.  We know our basics like sit, stay, lay down and come – that one we are REALLY good at!! 

What else?  We so enjoy water, splashing, swimming, fetch, you name it, we love it!  We’re also learning that car rides are awesome and you humans are pretty good at our favourite game Fetch, you just keep throwing the ball over and over until your arm falls off! 


Our foster Mum says we are just a delight to have around and sleep through the night no problem.  We’re always ready to cuddle when the opportunity presents itself and we have the sweetest brown eyes that will melt your heart in seconds. We would be over the moon for a cottage or pool but an active furever family with space for us to run and lots of spare time for long walks is all we could really ask for. We promise you will be rewarded in loads of hugs and kisses. 

MAGGIE: 5 years, Chocolate Female 89lbs 

DOB: September 10, 2011

Energy Level:  Average for age

Children: Good, 10 + please

Dogs: Friendly, loves to play

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Well mannered, likes to cuddle

Leash Skills: Pull lightly at first but settles

Fetch: GREAT FUN!!! Could go until your arm falls off

Swimming: LOVES to play fetch in the water!!

Personality: Silly, playful bundle of fun with a sweet affectionate side too!

MIA: 5 years, Chocolate Female 87 lbs

DOB: November 30, 2011

Energy Level:  Average for age

Children: Good, 10 + please

Dogs: Friendly, loves to play with small dogs

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Well mannered, likes to be close

Leash Skills: Pulls lightly at first but settles

Fetch: It's OK

Swimming: From the lake to the kiddy pool and hose, this girl LOVES water!!

Personality: Laid back, very affectionate, loves to cuddle

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