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Female, Chocolate, 8.5 yrs

Weight: 75 lbs. 

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Good.

Dogs: Good.

Cats: Unknown.

Swimming: Would love to try.

Fetch: Loves it.

Leash Skills: Good.

Car: Rides well.

Personality: Docile, Gentle, Friendly.

Hi Friends,

My name is Luna and I am 8.5 yrs old. Something not so nice happened to me....canine services found me in a park on a cold snowy day with a note attached to me with my name and explaining that they didn't want me. I was cold and sad wondering what I did for my family to abandon me like that. They contacted the nice people at Lab Rescue to help find me a brand new home where I never had to experience being left in the cold again.

This nice lady at Lab Rescue couldn't wait to pick me up. When she arrived I was so happy that I jumped right in. Her car was full of warm blankets, squeaky toys, and yummy treats to spoil me with. I ride really well in the car and to show my thank you I made sure to give lots of kisses. On our first stop we stopped at the doggy doctor where they took exceptional care of me. They did discover a fair size lump on my chest that I am having removed next week. Besides that I seem to be a healthy gal.

I am good with kids, and dogs, cats are unknown at this time.

Despite what I went through I have the personality of an angel. I am friendly, affectionate, and full of life. 

Please stay tuned as my foster family has just started to get to know me better.

Love, Luna.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.