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Birthday/age: 3.5 yrs

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male Mix

Energy Level: Average energy

Children: 14+ Please

Dogs: Good



We are Jimmy and Samantha, an adorable blond sibling duo, 3.5 years old.  We were just little baby dogs when we were abandoned in the streets of Cairo, I think around 6 months old.  We we so super scared and confused.  Why would someone drop us and drive away??  The heavens were shining on us that day when our guardian angel witnessed this and brought us to a shelter where we have been living since....for the last 3 years. Life here has been better than on the streets but we are so ready for a fresh start in Canada.  We must find a home who can take us both.....we wouldn't know what do to without one another.  We know this is a lot to ask because will need training but we're told the perfect family is out there.  We are keeping our paws crossed!!


We would love to learn more about this leash thing and some those games called "Go for a Walk", "Fetch" and "Swimming" - we're very curious.  In fact we heard this thing called "dog toys" and you carry them around in your mouth and snuggle them at night and bury them in safe hiding spots.   Wow, we had no idea this thing existed! What does a dog have to do to get one of those??  


We would like to be the only furkids in our new home and best that we have kids over the age of 14 too. We are lab-sized mixes and may knock the wee ones down.  We're both very gentle and friendly with other dogs...umm, what else...we both had that procedure to prevent us from making puppies, so that's out of the way!


Our friends at Lab Rescue will be working hard over the next few weeks to find our new furever homes.

If you are an experienced Lab parent with lots of time for exercise and training, please apply today.  We have been so good these past years and we know we will be even better once we have a loving family.

Our new family is one that has:


~ A long history of large breed ownership in the family

~ Financial security to carry the cost of two dogs (inc. food, medical, training and supplies)

~ Enthusiasm to train - to do this must be home on a regular basis

~ Experience training, although a trainer will be provided to you for phone calls and Video sessions

~ Over 14 years old in the home

~ No other pets

~ Physical space indoors and outdoors to comfortably accommodate a large breed pair

~ Patience, fortitude and time dedicated to the active lifestyle of two young Lab mixes

Love Jimmy


Contact us at info@lab-rescue.ca for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab.


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