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Charlie 3
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Birthday/age: 8 yrs

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Male

Weight: 70lbs

Energy Level: Average

Children: Yes

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Love it 

Senior Boy...or is he?


Charlie here!  My birthday says I'm 8 years old but you would never know it.  I act more like a 2 or 3 year old Labbie!  I love to play fetch and bring it right back to you each time eager for the next throw.  Tug of war is great too and don't get me started on my squeaky toys!  Walkies are the best time of day.  I like to go for an hour long walk twice a day.  Trail walks, park play, backyard games... you name it, I'm in!


In the house I'm a shadow, happy to follow you around in case you need a helping paw.  I'm accustomed to having someone home often but I'm fine to be alone for short periods where I will just rest on my bed or the couch until you return.  I'm quiet and after my walkies, I will nap on my bed or the couch or enjoy a mind stimulating toy like a Kong to lull me to sleep.


I've grown up with children and they really are a lot of fun.  Due to an allergy in the home, though, I need to find a new family to love me.  I hope my new family has respectful children who love to play and chum around.  I'm a kid's best friend!  I'm also a dog's best friend actually.  I really enjoy playing daily with other dogs at the park or when family visits.  I get along with everyone and would probably do well in a home with another dog. Cats are a different story, not sure how that would go so we will pass for now.


I'm an all round well-behaved, social bundle of fun who loves to be included in every aspect of your life, though not in a needy way.  I'm great in the car and I heard some families even have a spot called a cottage where doggos can swim!  Now, I've only tried it once but I absolutely loved the water so I'm sure I could settle in to a cottage-going family quite easily.  Don't let my senior age fool you, there's lots of pep in my step and I see no plans in my future of slowing down any time soon!


Love Charlie


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